How to maximize space in your rental home

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How to maximize space in your rental home

How to maximize space in your rental home

Clutter accumulates very fast in almost every home. That is particularly due to shoes multiply; pile up of magazine subscriptions; purchases and small gifts add up. If you are living in a large home, you will get any new addition tucked away unnoticed. But if you are living in a small studio apartment with the likes of Pacific Place Ara Damansara, they can fill up your small existing storage space within a short period.

After a short time, you will realize that your small apartment is full of items that you do not know where to take or your closets are full to the brim. Therefore, you have to decide on how to maximize the space in your rental apartment. The following are some ideas to help you maximize your storage space.

Create a hidden storage 
If your condominium apartment is closet-challenged, try to make storage where it does not exist. Go for beds with higher legs, store items underneath, or choose under-bed storage. If your kitchen cabinets do not extend to the ceiling, place our entertaining furniture pieces including the oversize platter and cake stand in the space existing between the ceiling and the cabinet. Here’s also a list of guides that can help you on the closet cure.

Use trunks instead of tables 
If you have tables in your house, consider replacing them with trunks. Trunks offer more storage space and they act as great conversation pieces. A good trunk will fit perfectly in the floor space you have placed a table and work excellently in holding cups, plates and other useful items.

Even though that does not work for all tables, they work well for bedside tables and end tables available in most small homes. A trunk will convert any cubic space into a large storage space easily. Filling up the trunks in your living area with the items you are likely to pull out when your guests are present is a good idea. That way, you will not have to dig in the closets or into other places searching for them. Keep your DVD collection or your games collection in any of them so that they will be easier to reach whenever you need them.

Avoid Unitaskers 
A unitasker is any device that can only perform one particular task at a time. A good example of a unitasker is your meatball grill basket. Yes, that is because the manufacturer has designed it solely for grilling meatballs. You may never use it to do something else in your home.

Instead of buying a unitasker, buy an item that can do several things. For example, you can buy two large bowls instead of purchasing a single set of bowls. And instead of purchasing a set of pans and pots, you can stick with a single pot, skillet. Do not buy block of knifes. You can purchase a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and a paring knife. Store them in your drawer.

And if you are like most people, you have several devices attached to your television. That is a bad idea. You can opt for a device that does everything you need. Most of the unitaskers in your home take a large storage space and most likely, you rarely use them. 

Try Foldable furniture 
Most people devote an extra space to guest beds. That should not be happening particularly in condominiums. You can purchase a chair or couch that features foldable bed in it. Most of the time, that foldable furniture will function as a couch but you will easily transform it into a bed when you need one for your guests.

Another good option is to install wall mounted foldable beds. Whenever you have guests, you will just move any items sitting before it and they will have a perfect sleeping space. Furthermore, you can purchase tables with leaves. You will be able to keep them small most of the time and expand them easily whenever need arises.

If you are in need of an extra bed and the above ideas cannot work, consider an inflatable air mattress. The market has many queen sized inflatable markets to offer. You will use it whenever you have guests in your home or when your home is crowded. Of course it doesn’t stop here, there are plenty of other foldable furniture that can help you save space while not losing any functionality.

Avoid duplication in your home
It is not realistic for you to have a particular place for each item in your home. Nevertheless, you can develop an effective system to help you find all things in your easily. A quick example: you can buy an office supply drawer and use it to store everything that is obviously an office supply such as scissors, tape, and pens. You should not try to remember where you stored your office supplies.

If you can find whatever you need at the time you need it, you will eliminate the need of duplicating items. If you always store your pen in the office supply drawer, there will be no need of purchasing a second pen. Now, multiply the items you have in your small room and you will realize the many benefits of organizing your items properly.

Share ownership of the large items 
If you have large items that you keep around your home, such as a kayak, you might need to consider friends with extra storage space and share the ownership. If the friend will be willing to store it, allow him/her to use it as she pleases. Then, if you need to use the item, you can just visit them and borrow it. That works perfectly for the large items you want to hold but you rarely use on a regular basis. They include large furniture, large garden equipment, and large sporting equipment.

Focus on lesser but classy decoration 
Most people try to fill their limited wall space with pictures and other items that can go on the wall. It is not bad but it will leave your small room feeling tight and constrained. All walls will seem crowded and overstuffed.

The best idea is to opt for lesser decoration items. Stick to the genuinely meaningful items, particularly those that will offer a classier feeling in your home. If you have a wider variety of items that you would like to display, store some in your closet and start rotating them on a regular base. For example, instead of placing nine items on your wall, place three and rotate them. That way, you will provide your room with enough room for breathing.

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