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Kisah Rumah Terbuka Syawal Kami

Rumah Terbuka kami setelah sekian lama  Assalamualaikum semua, alhamdulillah bulan Syawal dah pun berlalu. Semalam hari terakhir Syawal. Ramai yang masih meraikan sambutan Syawal hingga ke penghujungnya. Syukur jugak tahun ni kita dapat meraikan hari raya Aidilfitri secara meriah berbanding tahun-tahun lepas.  Tahun ni tahun kedua kami raikan hari raya Aidilfitri di rumah sewa kami di Kluang ni. Tiba-tiba pulak tahun ni kami ada kerajinan untuk buat mini rumah terbuka pada hari Sabtu 29 April 2023 bersamaan 7 Syawal 1444. Kenapa namanya mini? Hehe.. sebab jemputannya agak terhad.  Ramai yang kami tak terjemput disebabkan banyak faktor. Salah satunya sebab majlis ditetapkan dalam masa yang terlalu singkat jadi persediaan agak kelam kabut. Senarai jemputan pun main tulis secara rawak je sudahnya.  Asalnya kami nak terima sekumpulan tetamu saja,  tapi bila difikirkan apa salahnya kami jemput je orang lain yang boleh datang jika berkesempatan. Itu yang akhirnya jadi majlis rumah terbuka se

Shopee: Complete your home now with the Xiaomi Ecosystem

Shopee: Complete your home now with the Xiaomi Ecosystem

Assalamualaikum all, complete your home with smart devices from the Xiaomi Ecosystem without burning a hole in your wallet, only on Shopee! Imagine waking up to a home that is smart enough to know what needs to be done, where everything syncs and connects seamlessly, controlled with just a touch on your app.

Shopee: Complete your home now with the Xiaomi Ecosystem

Want to enjoy a movie-theatre experience in the comfort of your own home? Equip your home with a Xiaomi Mi TV 4A and Xiaomi Mi Soundbar to achieve that cinematic experience. Powered by 64-bit quad-core processor, the Xiaomi Mi TV can also be used as a computer monitor or a mobile phone screencast that will satisfy your gaming needs. Also, do not forget your wireless Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan to give you that quiet afternoon breeze with the ability to control 4 kinds of angles through your phone.

Fancy going outdoors to have some fun? The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro offers up to 45km of travel distance on a single charge with a maximum speed of 25km/h - a safe way to get around. Fans of roller skates can also check out the Xiaomi Segway Drift W1 E-skates that speeds up to 12km/h which is three (3) times faster than walking, and it is a great way to bond with the family.

Know your body better with Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale showing 10 precise body data such as weight, BMI and muscle mass. If you have your fitness goals, track your progress with the leader of fitness trackers, Mi Band 4. It is equipped with a 0.96-inch full-colour AMOLED touch display and is 39.9% larger than the previous version. Mi Fit app records and analyzes your physical activities and health data to help you get the most out of life. Run that extra mile when you have your jam on. Play your favourite music or be able to answer a phone call when you sync the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Bluetooth Headset 5.0 with your handphone.

Shopee: Complete your home now with the Xiaomi Ecosystem

Pamper yourself with beauty tools such as the salon-level wind volume Xiaomi Zhibai Anion Blow Dryer, skin protecting Xiaomi Refresh H600 Beard Shaving Manual Razor or count on Xiaomi Doctor Bei IPX7 Waterproof Electric Toothbrush to give you that perfect smile. Chores are easy as 1, 2, 3 with the help of the smart Xiaomi Roborock S55 Smart Vacuum Cleaner to keep the floor clean and dust-free. You can also opt for the wireless Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with 25Kpa powerful suction to efficiently capture the deep-down dirt or hair at home or in the car.

Shopee: Complete your home now with the Xiaomi Ecosystem

Bringing the future to your doorstep, Xiaomi Ecosystem aims to provide you with long-lasting and stylish-looking gadgets that make life comfortable and convenient. Xiaomi’s smart devices are integrated with humanised intelligence where it would be able to analyse and perform as you would want them to with just a click on your Mi Home App. The Mi Home App allows users to remotely manage and communicate with their devices on functions such as checking battery life, controlling temperature, providing real-time status and statistics updates and much more available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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